Videos from Design Dojo:
Elements of Art
Principles of Design
3 Things a Designer Must not do
The Element of Color
The Element of Line
The Element of Shape
The Element of Form

Watch at least 2 videos from the  site  below  and write a sentence on each.
Email it to me at the address I will give you. DUE OCTOBER 27th.

Project/Unit 1 due Oct 19. NO EXCEPTIONS-show me your screen.




Week Oct.15-19

Week Oct.22-26

November Calendar1

Week Oct.29-Nov. 2

InDesign ACA Test Prep UNIT 2 DUE on WEDNESDAY, NOV. 7th

Week Nov. 5-9

Make a list of your top 3 themes and turn it in to Ms. Durkin via email

Week Nov. 26-30

DUE on Thursday, Nov. 20:
       Call sheet with three calls made to potential donors
Hall of Fame photos

Week Dec. 3-21


Practice with the software.
Shoot photos  for your pages.


Week Jan. 7-11, 2019

Work on your pages! Take photos of events.
Wednesday, Jan 9th: Click here to view idea for new page

Welcome to the Graphic DesiDn department at Brookings-Harbor High School in Brooking, OR. USA